Space weather impact study

Project realized by:

AGH Science and Technology University and Jagiellonian University (Faculty FAIS)

Aim of the project:

Study of the effects of solar activity (including UV and X flares, and high-energy particle streams) on ELF wave propagation to test their effects on the Earth ionosphere state.

Project description:

Using ELF wave propagation research on Solar System planets requires the best understanding of their characteristics on Earth, where we can cheaply collect extensive ELF observation material and directly measure the range of parameters needed for interpretation of the physical characteristics of ground-ionosphere waveguide and distortion mechanisms to which it is subject. In this project, we intend to carry out extensive measurements of ELF variable electromagnetic fields with the help of the JU intercontinental WERA system (, used together with the AGH Electronics Department, which conducts continuous monitoring of such fields. These measurements, combined with satellite data, monitoring the state of space weather and the activity of the Sun, are intended to determine the impact of these factors on the state of the Earth’s ionosphere and the generation of MHD waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere. It is also planned to work with space air electricity research missions (including ASIM on the ISS with which LoI was signed) and study terrestrial gamma ray flashes (TGF) allowing not only for conducting Earth research, but also for preparation of similar measurement projects dedicated to study other planets in the future phase of the project.

Project methodology:

  • Conducting continuous EM ELF wave measurement campaign on Earth with the help of WERA system. Maintain the measuring efficiency of all system stations
  • Analysis of measurement data and numerical modeling of studied processes
  • Laboratory work on the preparation of a modified version of the ELF measuring station.  Work on increasing reliability and enabling the transmission of measurement data online from all measuring stations of the WERA system
  • Preparing to expand the WERA system with new stations in Asia and Australia. Preparation of the installation site and signing agreements on the operation of the station on site, construction and target installation and operation of new stations.