ELF Lab together with the AGH group has been researching for almost 30 years planetary natural electromagnetic fields at low frequencies (ELF) related to geophysical (Schumann Resonances), atmospheric (Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes), and astrophysical (Sun – Ionosphere interactions) phenomena. We also study storm activity around the world, and presently we have initiated research on climate change. The methods of recording and mapping storm activity developed by the group allow quantifying the pace of changes in climate and ionospheric parameters. The team is formally collaborating with the gravitational wave detection projects (VIRGO), the space electrical activity monitoring project (ASIM), and the Mars ELF project.

Current Projects:

  • Space weather impact study

  • Tomography of the Martian ground using inverse solutions for ELF waves generated by dust storms in the ground-ionosphere waveguide