Space Law Lab

In recent years exploration of space has become a vital phenomena not only within science in strict sense (e.g. astrophysics) but social research as well. Within the later plane (domain) one should acknowledge the importance of legal science. So-called space law which seems to be rather unformalised (esp. under Polish law), interspeciality tool for a thoroughgoing analysis of legal and non-legal aspects of exploration of space is an essential part of our studies.

Space_Law Lab’s ultimate aim is to conceptualise basic theoretical tools enabling proper understanding of drastically developing new domain of legal research which is above-mentioned space law. We are of the opinion that preparation of this kind of theoretical “blueprint” will be vital in research on phenomena which are exceeding division (yet not in logical sense) between such factors as private or public law and national, regional and international law.

The main range of studies has been defined as:

  • Freedom and access to information (including research outcomes) versus researcher’s right to oppose in context of public interest especially states’ defense doctrine.
  • Basic principles of cooperation between public and private actors in space exploration – case study.
  • Territorial division in context of legal definitions of “colonisation” and “quasi-colonisation” under example of such devices as Mars rover – comparative perspective incorporating outcomes of research on admiralty law and public international law.
  • Issues related to legal disputes over space exploration and exploitation
  • Compliance of so-called administrative method of regulation (including GAL concept) with legal challenges regarding space exploration.